The STS Research Network has five aims:

  1. To stimulate and coordinate high quality research on the relationship between science, technology, and society (STS). Research topics comprise: governance of science and technology; science, expertise and democracy; innovation dynamics and cultures, the nature of scientific expertise, and the social and political aspects of science and technology. The network primarily focuses on fields that are relevant to the European and Flemish innovation cultures, and to the future of Flemish science and society. These fields include: Energy and Sustainable Development; Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences; and New and Emerging Science and Technologies (NEST).
  2. To foster mutual learning and training within the Flemish and Belgian STS postdoc communities, in close collaboration with international STS partners, with the aim of sustaining a new generation of scholars with a solid background in STS and with innovative expertise in connecting science , innovation, and society.
  3. To actively acquire funding for STS research from different sources – regionally (structural funds), nationally (FWO) and European (Horizon 2020) – in order to provide the means for a sustainable STS community.
  4. To promote the visibility of STS as a dynamic and interdisciplinary field of inquiry.
  5. To contribute to societal debates about the role of science and technology in society.
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